GNN: All Sales Final Policy

We are very happy to provide California native plants to the Garden community during these unprecedented times. Due to the current conditions and limitations in the nursery, all sales are final. This means that there will be no returns or refunds for any plants after they leave the premises. Due to limited staffing, we also cannot facilitate any exchanges of plants in your order.

Please inspect your plants before you load them into your vehicle. If you find that any are not acceptable to you, please let the attendant know and we will be happy to return the plant to inventory and process a refund for you. 

After plants leave our nursery, we are no longer able to ensure that they receive appropriate care and thus cannot be responsible for deterioration of plant condition. Once out of our care, they are subject to many factors beyond our control, including: 

  • Mishaps during transport to the planting site
  • Improper storage conditions and care of the plant prior to planting
  • Extended delay in planting
  • Planting technique was flawed 
  • Planting location was inappropriate
  • Care of the plant following planting was inappropriate
  • Exposure to pests or plant pathogens

Please note that nursery containers are not ideal for use as long term plant containers for home gardens. Extra watering (sometimes several times a week) may be required while plants remain in the nursery containers and they should not be left in full sun. We recommend that planting be done as soon as possible following plant purchase. 

Grow Native Nursery supplies healthy plants that have received excellent care while at our nursery. We provide some guidance for planting and caring for native plants here.

Planting California native plants in your garden is a wonderful experience that allows you to be part of a statewide effort to bring California back to California gardens. There are so many benefits to planting native plants such as lower water bills, providing food and habitat for local fauna, year-round beauty and inspiration. 

Thank you,

Grow Native Nursery